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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Wrote a Blog on that Autism/ABA/Verbal Behavior Topic!

It’s been over a year since I wrote my last blog but I’m officially re-starting writing my blogs today! During my blog-writing hiatus, I finished up a PhD in Leadership with a dissertation entitled “The Effects of Fluency-Based Autism Training on Emerging Educational Leaders.” My dissertation is now available through the UMI system and also through the resource page of my website:

During my blog break, I presented in a lot in great places including Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, and Brisbane, Australia. I am also excited about a few upcoming speaking engagements including Western PA in April, Seattle at a Friday all-day ABAI workshop in May, and in Paris, France in July.  Check out my web site for details on these workshops.

Every time I speak or consult with a school or family, I find myself constantly saying “I wrote a blog on that!” in response to a question from someone in the audience or when I’m reviewing programming recommendations.

Now that I’m resuming my blogs, I wanted to make sure you all are aware of the blogs I’ve written since 2009 as they all still apply. In addition to helping individual parents and teachers, I am aware that my blogs have also been used to stimulate discussion during staff training sessions and during undergraduate and graduate courses in ABA and special education.

To read any of these blogs, go to the “Blog Archive” button at the top of my web site.  Here is the direct link to access the blogs below!

2010 Archive

2009 Archive