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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mia’s Journey with the Verbal Behavior Approach

I am happy to announce a series of you tube clips that I posted a few days ago that may make getting started with the Verbal Behavior Approach a little easier for both parents and professionals! There are now three short (6-8 minute) You Tube clips on the assessment and beginning ABA/VB intervention for Mia, a 2 year old lgirl recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS.

I have permission from Mia's parents to post these clips on you tube so that others may benefit from my work with Mia. Hopefully these clips will be the first three in a series of videos that I will post as Mia makes progress!

Clip #1 shows Mia's problem behaviors and poor instructional control at baseline. Clip #2 demonstrates for parents and professionals what to do to help Mia and Clip #3 shows me reviewing Mia's VB-MAPP and Barriers with her mother. All three clips were filmed during a 3-hour initial assessment in June 2010.
Clip #4 was filmed in July 2010 and shows progress in 3 weeks.
Here are the links:

Clip #1/Mia's Baseline Problem Behavior:

Clip #2/ABA/VB Interventions to Start Immediately:

Clip #3/VB-MAPP:

Clip #4/Progress after 3 weeks:

I’m looking forward to watching Mia progress on her journey with ABA/VB! For more information about the Verbal Behavior Approach, go to:


  1. Hello, just went to your workshop today and was looking for the video of Mia placing the objects in the container and making the "weeee" sounds. Is it abvailable to view anywhere?

  2. I showed a few new clips of Mia at my workshop which are not yet available on youtube. I hope to have them available in the next few weeks.