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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Started with the Verbal Behavior Approach

An ongoing challenge is how help parents and professionals get started with the Verbal Behavior Approach. Several months ago I published a short article entitled “Getting Started with the Verbal Behavior Approach” in Autism File magazine I think it is great for both parents and professionals who are brand new to the VB Approach and want a very brief overview. The article appears on the home page of my web site in the lower right hand corner. Here’s the direct link:
I do have permission to copy and distribute freely so feel free to pass it along!

In addition, there are many other free resources on my web site including Frequently Asked Questions Regarding VB and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Potty Training. These two FAQ articles are available in both English and Spanish:

Go to: to access information to help you (or a parent or professional you know) get started with the Verbal Behavior Approach.

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