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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting Up-To-Speed Electronically In the Autism World

Today I’m writing my very first blog and I have to laugh because I didn’t even know what a blog was just three years ago when I started my doctoral courses!

I have come a long way electronically in the past decade since my first-born son, Lucas, was diagnosed with autism one day before his third birthday. In 1999, before Lucas was diagnosed, the internet was my first source of information. I first read about hyperlexia than stumbled upon PDD and finally realized that Lucas’ symptoms were actually all hallmark signs of autism.

I didn’t know how to search the internet and didn’t even have an email account back then but without getting up-to-speed electronically, I would have not learned what I know now about autism.

Check my web site for more information about me and my book (The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disabilities), and stay tuned for future blogs where I will give lots of advice on parenting and teaching children with autism.


  1. Hi Mary... I had the same experience when I was trying to figure out what was happening when Chad was struggling so much in pre-school in 1997. Once we received his diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, there was very limited support locally. Luckily, I found incredible support from an Asperger listserv. I knew I could post at any time of the day or night and have a supportive response within a couple of hours. I learned so much from people all over the world. I will be forever grateful. Sheri

  2. Hi Mary!
    Good Luck with the blog!
    I couldn't agree with you more about what a valuable resource the internet has been.
    Remember dial-up? We have come a long way!

    It's been great sharing this journey with you!
    Wish you continued success and am thankful that you have chosen this path to help other families and children. All the best! Carole

  3. Hello?

    If you're not about communication why would I want anything to do with you? I'm not sure, but it seems my previous blog was deleted in that respect

    Maybe things are getting a bit complicated with people in authority? or perhaps just with the Internet? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume you would edit a communication effort

    There's far too much room for error here for me. I'll take my reinforcers where I may? .. .

    Best wishes, Thereof

    Mike Glavic

    On how reason works? (For me.. . (Be as sure as that?!. I am.

    (I probably/logically don't belong here.

    No offence

  4. Thanks to all of you for your posts to my blog. I didn't delete any posts so sorry if there have been any problems posting. A friend tried to post a comment earlier today and emailed me stating that she needed to sign up for a google account to post.

    Since my friend was having trouble, I changed my settings on now so this should make posting comments easier for everyone. As you all know, I'm brand new to blogging and I'm figuring this out as I go! Thanks for your patience and support!


  5. Mary,

    Bravo, and congratulations, on all the good you're doing and that you intend to do! I really like your book and will continue to recommend it to whomever I feel could benefit from it that I come across. Perhaps I should have said as much to start, not realizing perhaps how difficult it is to get things like this (blog) off the ground, as busy as you must be with everything else you're doing..

    I would just hope you would realize how important stimulus (classical?) conditioning (nurturing, of love? if not the more unconditional things that we need to be doing and about, that I sense in you of this) to be all that we can be, Thereof!

    It seemed Lovaas (and company) failed to consider that in his experimental design with respect to the results he achieved, and that we seem to be largely about and following, somewhat, of operant conditioning, mostly? It wasn't all operant conditioning that got the job done, I would say, of that's not the way it seems to be in "our" house.. .

    As a mother of an autistic child you might want to incorporate (articulate?) more about that in the fine results you seem to be getting, (as you say?) as of being as much to do with stimulus conditioning (as a primary caregiver?) as operant conditioning I'm sure, relative to my concept of stimulus conditioning.. If anyone with your academic (etc.) qualifications could appreciate that and "further" appreciate that I'm sure it would be "you" Mary, from all the qualified ABAers I've heard from so far I mean!

    Best wishes, Thereof.

    Mike Glavic

    Whether this gets posted or not, or of me posting here much longer... I'm wishing you the best. FYI, it's strange (to me) how on my different computers I get different messages from your blog, 4 comments on this one and 6 on my other with my blogs being different ones on each computer, (!) in case you didn't know that, on getting things up and running more as you'd like? I was thinking, of telling you as much !

    (Sure, that could also be showing you my ignorance, but obviously not for that?!. Here's more than hoping so.. .

    P.S. Your book flows like someone who really knows what they're talking about and in getting that across...

  6. Best wishes on getting your blog up and running. The more awareness that can be spread - the better.

  7. Mary,

    would you mind if I recommend (highly recommend?) your blog for the free and considerate advice you give, (realizing some things cost money, etc.) for those who need it, I'm Feeling.. . of my also putting more others "aside," that are not so much like you of what you have done and are doing in that respect, of taking the necessary steps? (of your being so reasonable, Reasonable?) of "my" identifying you as more reasonable (and others less so, of their being relatively "abusive" otherwise, actually [as not so much of your behavior? .. .] that I must? of doing what "I" do? (differently?) of dealing with abuse, (of exposing it) more if not all the abuse I can? Thereof) relatively speaking... of Justness and my being as reasonable as "I" can be I Feel as understand, Thereof!

    You can be the "good" guy/gal in that picture? that I am sure you "are," of your rightfully deserving of being identified of as much, and others not so much, (yes, I Feel) of what "I" do and can do for you.. . (Live by The truth, die by The truth? of Understanding More, Thereof

    Would you have a problem with that, as my ABA takes me to "Justness," Thereof, you understand? (I don't know a better way to bring about "Justness," Thereof, of Communication, for what we as Individuals need, Hello?) and I would appreciate your "understanding," and acceptance, in "that" respect, of all my best intentions and feelings of what we can do together for each other, as with the best feelings and intentions in mind (for those who would need that?) be "sure," be very sure, of Understanding More? of Feeling as understanding as much, Thereof.. .

    Take that step-by-step where that should take Us is all that I would recommend, for everything more meaningful, Thereof!

    Where the first step actually defines ABA best and where It goes from there, I Feel as understand.. .

    Well, would you be OK with that?

    Mike Glavic

    With not so much to hide, of being as reasonable (and not so abusive!) as "I am," I Feel as understand, Thereof!

    Where people don't want your help "I'd" be concerned, (more concerned?) and "there" as well, in how to deal with It, Thereof, where I Feel "Justness" is The thing, at least the thing "any" state (and group) worth its Individuals and constitution would be about, I mean


    Expect me to be calling things less reasonable and more abusive as I do where I have to of doing all that I can of being as "Objective" as I am? My sense of It, where "needed," where I "Feel" It is needed, Thereof

    I wish you the best in that respect. I wish us "all" the best in that respect.

  8. How do we teach (condition?) people to accept that there is so much out there for people to help themselves (as much as "we" can? help?) with people like us, but I'm specificially identifying "you," of your, as good as it gets, I'd say, (!) qualifications (of your blog, etc..) willing to help people for free, of Communication, free, where they would get It?!.

    I teach for free.. (Freedom!) I only charge where people don't get It.. Period. (And need to pay other than of Communication, where you don't Get It? .. . I do in fact try to teach people how to get all that they need for as inexpensively as possible, as with Communication, for Understanding More, in that respect of Communication.. .

    But I certainly don't have your qualifications (in most other respects as applied to ABA/VB) and I realize we're somewhat on that page here and I wish you all the best in that respect, of what you can do to help those who need it and to make as much as you need for yourself being as honest and considerate as you are, Thereof

    I've indentified your services on another rather larger board but I see no one has ventured forth here yet, for all that they can get from one of the best ABA/VB minds available, that I feel you are in promoting you, for the needs of others, Thereof

    So, I repeat the question, somewhat, what does it take to get people to do what is best for them with what is out there, of all that is Free, Thereof, as Free as Communication makes us and can make us, I'll leave for you to answer where you'd care to.. .


    You've certainly provided the blog, whether people believe it or believe it will be around for long in that respect, might be the thing? (or perhaps my credibility is the issue? with what I've got and said?) of the condition for more people to get on track here of there being such a track I'm thinking.. .

    Hang in there, I will advise, of best wishes, Thereof. And I would also suggest that you consider those who sign their actual name to things of the more credible sources to be taking more seriously, (for good or bad?) of the fundamentals to science and communication and what an individual should expect to get, Thereof, where you need a way to separate the wheat from the chaff (greater abuser?) I mean.. . [On the scientific-method as applied to what would be more social and just and open and evident/ial, I would want to impress, by as much, of having done The analysis so far.. .

    Best wishes, Thereof

    Mike Glavic